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Monday, April 27, 2015

Going for a massage? Know your options

Massage therapy is a refreshing and rejuvenating experience that provides various health benefits too. It relaxes your muscles while increasing blood flow in body. In addition, it reduces tension and stress. There are various types of massages in which different techniques are used. In cities like Boulder, there are many massage centers and spas where you can get various options in this therapy. But, many times, it becomes difficult for people to choose the most suitable one from these many options.

Following are some of the common types of massage –

Swedish – It is one of the most popular types that people choose. Various kinds of long strokes are used in this therapy to relax muscles. Kneading and many other circular movements are also used in it. It is known for several health benefits like reducing pain, joint stiffness and improving blood flow in body.

Deep tissue – In this therapy, spa professionals target the deep tissues in your body. They use slow and long strokes to apply deep pressure on some certain points. It is known for many health benefits like reducing pain, improving blood circulation, relieving tension from sore muscles and more.

Hot stone – It is another common type of massage that people like to choose. Hot stones are used in this type. Heat of stones helps in releasing the stiffness from your back. It is a very sedating technique, which helps you in relaxing your muscles.

Pre natal – Pre natal is the process that helps women in relaxing during pregnancy. It helps women in reducing stress of pregnancy. It is also known for helping with lower back pain. Some people believe that it can help with delivery too.

Post natal – Post natal is the procedure that helps women with their post pregnancy body stress. It releases unnecessary tension from body. It can also improve blood flow.

Trigger point – In this kind, professionals concentrate on some certain parts and pressure points instead of whole body. This soothing procedure is known for reducing pain by focusing on certain pressure points.

Thai – It is a very common massage, which is known for a relaxing experience. It improves blood flow while focusing on the energy flow in body. Pressure is applied on certain points to release tension.

There are several other forms of this therapy from which you can choose the most suitable one. It includes sports, aroma therapy, traditional Chinese, foot, shiatsu and more. In many of these, scented oils are used to provide a more soothing experience. Massage is the perfect method to get relaxed and help your sore muscles.

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