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Monday, February 22, 2016

5 Health Benefits That Will Make You Choose Massage Therapy

Massage therapy, is not just a luxury, it is in fact a very effective method of improving health. Just as regular exercise and nutrition are essential for your body, massage is equally vital. Many studies have shown that this therapy has numerous physical and mental health benefits.

When you work in a fast paced city like New York, it is necessary that you get some time to yourself, to relax and rejuvenate. A therapeutic massage can be the perfect solution.

Here are its 5 health benefits, that will explain you of how much of a difference a massage therapy can make in your well being:
  1. It enhances immunity: Massage helps in improving body's natural defense system by promoting the movement of lymph. The lymphatic system's role is to provide us immunity. This therapy decreases the stress related hormones in body.    

  1. It reduces the effect of long hours of desk-sitting and driving: Nowadays, most body pain is a result of long hours spent driving or working while sitting in one place. This therapy can help in reducing this pain. It is also used to cure chronic and acute conditions. So if you are suffering from such medical problems, then you should get regular massages from a professional.


  1. It reduces anxiety and stress: It helps alleviating the stress we experience in our day to day life. The therapist concentrates on muscles during massage, which increase blood circulation in body effectively reducing stress.

  1. Improves flexibility: With growing age, joints tend to lose their flexibility. This therapy helps in keeping the joints fluid and maintaining their flexibility.  It also reduces the risk of injuries.

  1. It reduces lower back pain: This therapy affects different muscular as well as skeletal issues and reduces lower back pain.

To get desired results, you can choose from different types of massage therapies such as stress buster, deep tissue, and hot stone. Even though, this therapy does not replace medical treatments, it can provide great relief to your body. Massage can also be considered a part of preventive care programs. It can help athletes recover from pains and prepare for their sports events.

If you live in New York and  are looking for a professional therapist in New York, then you can find the best massage easily in nearby areas like Boulder City. Book your next therapy session as soon as possible.

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