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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What makes waxing the most effective way of removing body hair?

Waxing is the process of hair removal that is done on temporary basis. Both men and women can use wax for removal of hair. During the process of hair removal, the hairs are extracted from the roots and leave your skin as smooth and silky. After the waxing process is done, it takes four to eight weeks for hairs to re grow to its full length. It growth of hairs depends from person to person. Some people experience early growth and some experience slow growth of hairs.

Wax is usually prepared from various natural and oil and greasy products. You can not only use waxing for your arms or legs, but it can be applied on face, back, eyebrows and underarm. A thin layer of wax is applied on the skin, and then a cloth or wax strip is applied first and then ripped off instantly. Whenever strip is applied to your skin to rip off the hairs, it should be ripped off from the opposite side of the area in which wax is applied.

Waxing in Boulder is done using a wax which is available in hot as well as cold wax. Hot waxes are easy to apply and spread easily over the skin because of its melting property. While on the other side cold waxes are obtainable in pre coated types of strips and can be directly pressed to the skin. Cold waxing is also called as the Persian waxing.

Some of the benefits of waxing are as follows-

  • After waxing, hair becomes smooth, softer without having causing you stubble.
  • Waxing stops hair growth for few weeks until the next growth comes.
  • Also waxing will help to remove the tanning that is caused on skin due to sun exposure.
  • It will also moisturize the skin that generally is not experienced before waxing due to dryness and rough skin.
  • If waxing is done every time as per scheduled, then you will experience slower growth of hair.
  • If we the cost factor then it is not too costly as compared to the other techniques that are used for hair removal. If waxing is done at home, then you get the benefits of smooth skin at almost no cost.
  • It is the fastest way of removing hairs as large area of your skin is covered when waxing is done. It takes few minutes to complete the process.

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