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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rejuvenate your skin with facial acupuncture!

Cosmetic acupuncture is effective treatment to rejuvenate facial flaws. This is also referred by the name of acupuncture facelift.

This treatment was introduced in traditional times and used up till now because of its effective results (slows the signs of aging on face, tune up skin and bring back youthful glow).

Therefore, all those who do not want to undergo any cosmetic surgical operations or get inject Botox or fillers, they must opt for cosmetic acupuncture. It is a great choice for women and men as well who want to rejuvenate their skin and look best. 

Following are few benefits of choosing cosmetic facial acupuncture:

  • With age, skin tends to lose its charm. Cosmetic acupuncture helps to revive the lost charm. The blood circulation in skin gets increased by it, which eventually helps to get back nutrients like collagen and elastin back.

  • Fine lines, wrinkles, lifts, sagging jowls and baggy eyes gets improved, rather removed because increased circulation helps to bring back the toned skin.

  • Unlike cosmetic surgical procedure, which takes time to heal, there is no such thing in this process. It is the safest procedure with no side effects. Thus, one does not worry about scarring or lumps.

  • Besides beautifying skin tone, various health benefits can be achieved from it too (because alongside cosmetic treatment, acupuncturist treats health concerns as well).

  • Candidates suffering with acne, eczema, and rosacea get effective treatment for all these issues.

  • Often this treatment is considered non-relaxing because of the application of needles. However, in actuality it is the other way round. It’s the most relaxing treatment. This helps in increasing the release of endorphins that makes an individual feel good, rested, and less stressed.

  • Unlike cosmetic surgical treatments like acid peels, Botox, or injectable fillers that comprise of chemicals, cosmetic acupuncture is chemical-free. Thus, one must not worry about the use of chemicals, as there is no use of acids in this process.

  • In terms of price factor, this process costs less as compared to the plastic surgery or injectable.

  • The best of this process is that its effects last for years, thus one need not require spending their money again and again on this facial treatment.

  • Lastly, no down time is required for this treatment. Individual going for it can get back to his or her work immediately after the process is completed.

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