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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Enjoy healthy nails with different types of manicure

Enjoy healthy nails with different types of manicure

What is the way to get beautiful looking hands with shining nails? How can you get healthy looking nails? How to get rid of the dull looking hands? Answer for all these questions, is manicure. In the cities like Boulder nails salons provides various types of manicure for their clients.

Here are some different types of this process:

Regular – Regular or basic manicure is one of the most common procedures. In this process, hands are dipped into a dish full of soapy water which clears the dead cells. It also involves a massage with lotions and creams. After that, nails are clipped properly into the shape of customer’s liking. In the end, a good coat of nailpolish is applied.

French – French one is known to be the most popular manicure around the world. In this procedure, one can get nails colored in a neutral color with beautiful white tips. Cutting is done in various shapes like oval or square etc. It provides a healthy as well as beautiful look. This is the reason why it is so popular.

Reverse french or moon
– It is the opposite of french procedure. In this, tips are painted in different colors while rest of the area is coated with white polish.

European – This is a more natural procedure in which soaking in herb’s water is followed by a good massage with creams. It also gives the white tips in result.

Hot stone – In this type, hot stones are placed on hands to provide comfort and relaxation. After this therapy, a good massage is given which makes the skin healthier.

American – It is the natural procedure for manicure. No chemicals or artificial polishes are used in this process. In American type, hands are soaked into a natural cleaning liquid followed by massage. In this, cutting is usually done in the circle shape. In the end, one can get clean and more natural looks.

Spa – It is one of the relaxing procedures where nails are treated with more care. It includes massage, salt rub and hydrating mask etc. It makes the skin smoother and softer.

– Paraffin is kind of wax treatment which is given to moisturize skin immediately. In this process, hands are dipped into paraffin wax which gives a healthy look.

There are more types of manicure such as Brazilian, Japanese one. Every type of this procedure has different benefits and processes yet they are for providing good looking hands.

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