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Monday, September 29, 2014

What aspects are covered in skin analysis?

Have you been bombarded with various skin products, but confused about, which one to use; or for that matter, do you know how to take care of your skin?

If answer to these question is no, then you need guidance of a therapist, who is professionally trained in this field.
In order to determine best course of facial treatment, proper skin analysis is done. It covers aspects like skin type, conditions and course of treatment that will suit the skin the most.

Even before starting on with the analysis procedure, therapist will judge your skin type by its overall appearance Things that he or she will see are:

  • Oily, dry or combination texture
  • Congested skin with breakouts
  • Dull and aging signs
  • Sensitive

Prior to facial rejuvenation treatment in Boulder, specialist will ask to fill out a form or answer few question related to skin concerns, diet, medications, and health concerns etc.

Once formality is done, esthetician will start on with the procedure. Wrapping up your hair with a headband and using of cotton pads and water to clean your face is the foremost thing that will be done. The dust and make-up will be removed by this and the actual cleaning process will be started by applying certain facial packs.

The mast applied on the face will remove blackheads; make the skin tone even and correct the broken capillaries. During the process, esthetician will look into further factors like:
  • How smooth or rough the skin is.
  • Is it extreme dry or there are only breakouts
  • Is sagginess on skin
  • Whether redness occur when being touched

There are times when people have serious issues with their skin. In those conditions, esthetician does in-depth skin analysis. A magnifying lamp called loupe is put on face that reflects a bright light and help in seeing skin texture in detail, which is not possibly seen by eyes in regular light.

The specialist will tell customer in detail about the texture of his or her skin, including the positives about their skin and ways that can help improve it.

Perfect facial treatment will be suggested to customer and after agreeing with him or her, the process will be carried out.
In addition to this, if there are few things that can’t be corrected by facial procedures, specialist will also let you know about that and suggest you to visit a dermatologist.

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