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Friday, August 22, 2014

Skin care tips for all skin tones

Right care is important to keep skin healthy. Where specialists recommend consuming healthy food and drinking water in good quantity, they also suggest going for beauty services in salons.

Wide range of benefits are there of undergoing beauty services of skin care in Boulder and elsewhere salons. Following is skin care tips carried out by salon experts for different skin tones:

Dry skin

Dehydration, lack of oil, few breakouts causes dryness on skin. If not treated on time skin lacks elasticity and become sensitive to the sun, wind, and cold temperatures.

Beauty experts in spas treat such skin tone people by first rinsing their face with warm water and then patting it to dry. Toner is used after this, to reduce tightening of skin and dehydration factor. However, they make sure toners does not contain any alcohol because it put adverse effects on the skin and make it even drier.

Cream based lotion is best fit for such tones that help in hydrating and rejuvenating the skin

Oily skin

People with such tones are prone to pimples because even after cleaning, pores start enlarging that result in accumulation of dust and dirt, which eventfully causes pimples.

Treatment carried out for such people is use of gentle non-foaming cleanser and then rinsing it with warm water. Harsh cleaners are big no for such tone people. After rinsing, alcohol free toner is applied to remove residue. Light moisturizer is applied to give the skin a supple look.

Normal skin

Normal skin is combination skin; it is myth of many people. Rather it isn’t! People with T zone skin type i.e. normal to oily or normal to dry are considered to have normal skin texture.

Specialists at salons first wash face with cleaners that are specifically for normal skin tones. Alcohol free toner is applied all over the face and then moisturized to reduce drying effect, which comes up immediately after the application of toner.

Combination skin

This is combination of two skin types on a face. One area has a lot of oil while the rest is dry. For such people, specialists first examine the product whether it would be suitable on their face or not. If yes, they can then carry out the process, otherwise would have to look for other alternatives.

Sensitive skin

Likewise, utmost care is to be taken when using products on combination skin, for sensitive tones also right products are to be used so that it does not cause any reactions or allergies.

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