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Monday, July 7, 2014

Top reasons why you must go for a massage

When you hear the word ‘massage’, relaxation is the only thing that comes into our mind. However, relaxation is not the only benefit it can provide. There are many more benefits such as:

Blood circulation
– Massage can improve your blood circulation. The pressure on tissues that is created during the process improves the flow of this fluid in body. Circulation of the lymph fluid also increased with it that helps in removing wastes from organs and muscles. It also increases the oxygen capacity of the vital fluid.

Reduced stress and anxiety
– Massage helps in reducing the stress and anxiety we feel. Fast and busy life can cause stress to anyone and we feel more and more distressed because of it. During the process, our body goes into relaxation mode. Our central nervous system produces a chemical called endorphins, which is also known as feel good chemical. Release of this chemical makes us feel good and happy effectively reducing the level of stress. With this process, we can get rid of depression, restlessness, anxiety, lack of focus etc.

Muscle tension – Muscle tension caused by different reasons such as stress or physical, can be reduced by massage. It is very common problem and can cause a lot of pain. Gentle rubbing can release the contractions of muscles and ease the tension.

Skin tone – Our skin tone suffers because of various reasons like pollution, stress, sun, diet, aging, toxins etc. Massage helps in dilating blood in muscles and increasing the circulation. This process provides necessary nutrients and oxygen to the skin tissues. It also removes toxins from them. Our skin tone improves by getting proper nutrients and oxygen.

Flexibility – Massage can increase the flexibility of your body. With improved blood flow, any damage is repaired faster. Our flexibility is reduces with aging, which can cause injury. Relaxed muscles and increased natural lubricants make us more flexible.

Joint mobility – It helps in keeping our joints more fluid so that they stay in motion. With this process, we can get rid of joint pains and disorders. Blood flow repairs damaged tissues and provide nutrients to them. It also reduces swelling, achiness etc. in joints.

Blood Pressure – It also helps in lowering your blood pressure. It lowers stress and improves the flow of fluids in body. It reduces the pressure on heart. Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a serious problem.

Healing of injuries – It can help in speeding the healing process of injuries. With fluids, muscles receive nutrients and removes waste. With this procedure, circulation improves and injuries heal faster.

To receive all these benefits, you can find centres that provide massage in boulder or in other cities.

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