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Monday, July 14, 2014

Waxing – remove hair with different procedures

Waxing is the process where one can get rid of unwanted hair temporarily. With this procedure, new hair won’t grow back for at least few weeks. Almost any part of human body can be waxed such as hands, legs, back, face, under arms etc. This procedure only takes few minutes but this time depends on the type of it.

This procedure is done mainly with two different types – hard and soft wax.

Hard - In hard type or strip less, wax is applied on body parts. When it cools down and becomes hard, then it is pulled off of the skin using fingers. It only sticks to hair and not to the skin. It dries around and clings to them, so that it is easy to remove them. It is good type for those people who have sensitive skin.

This less painful option takes longer than the other options. It can be used on sensitive parts of body such as face, under arms or bikini area. It is also good for men who want to remove unwanted hair in a less painful way. It does the task without any irritation.

Soft - In soft or strip type, wax is applied on body. A cloth or paper strip is placed on it and then yanked off. With this procedure, one can get rid of unwanted hair. It takes less time than the hard waxing. It is also a cheaper option. This option is good for larger areas of body such as legs, arms or eyebrows.

This process gives hair free body with good finishing. This non irritating procedure is a good option for hair removal. One can choose any type according to their skin type and requirements. There are many options to choose from like Bikini Wax, French Bikini, Brazilian, etc.

After this procedure, that area stays sensitive. Most people apply cream to that body part. To protect this area, one must not use scrub for at least 48 hours after the process. One must also protect it from direct sun light. Sensitive skin and pores can be damaged easily, so it is necessary to protect them.

After waxing, there is no need to worry about unwanted growth for at least three or four weeks. However, it depends on person’s personal growth. For some people, this growth is fast while for some others, it is slow. This procedure is not only for women. Men are also taking interest in this. They can choose parlors or spas that are providing services of waxing in boulder or other cities.

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