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Monday, June 30, 2014

Cosmetic acupuncture- Natural and painless treatment!

Aging is the most common problem amongst all. Despite of the fact that there are numerous cosmetic treatments that help rejuvenate the skin glow, but not all give long lasting effects.

Cosmetic acupuncture is unlike to those treatments. Its initial results can be seen on fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to it, also raises eye bags, makes the jaw line firm and treat many other skin complaints.

Unlike other facial treatments, this treatment helps improve the overall health, as it invigorates the entire body.

During the process, acupuncture needles are inserted into the face, neck, and head.
The needles help in improving the blood circulation. As basic reason of lines and wrinkles is due to lack of collagen production with age, with the help of this treatment collagen production gets increased.

Subsequently, it helps reversing the aging signs, which is the undoubtedly desire of many.

Person can notice a firmer look with better muscle tone, tighter pores, good appearance and better facial color.

So, if you are interested to go for this treatment, make sure to look for a good parlor, which is experienced in providing this cosmetic procedure. If you want to gain knowledge how it is performed, then read following points below.
During the cosmetic acupuncture treatments, full consultation, pulse, tongue and facial diagnosis, medical history checks is performed, so as to ensure that respective person is fit to go through it.

Once this has been assured, procedural steps are conducted, which is as follows:

Sound therapy of tuning forks is made to calm the person.

A warm herbal face mask made of herbs and egg white is applied to the skin.
It is followed with an anti-ageing moisturizer and light acupressure massage.

After this, application of body acupuncture is started, which is followed with face acupuncture. However, this depends on the client’s requests (whether he or she wants to go for both the acupuncture or not).

Needles placed on the body or face is left for 20-30 minutes.

Later, the needles are removed and organic essential oils like lavender, rose, Vitamin E, rosehip, geranium are applied on the face. This whole procedure right from placing of needles to application of oils helps in tightening the skin, making the skin tone even and tightening the muscles.

With the completion of procedure, people will notice a healthy and glowing skin.

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