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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nail spa is about lot more than just getting false nails!

People who have never taken nail spa services often think it is merely getting nails painted or false nail applied, whereas it is lot more than this!

Couple of services is counted under nail spa, which is primarily categorized in two types manicure and pedicure.

Derived from a Latin word, manicure includes treatment to beautify the hands.

Basic services include filing, shaping, applying of nail polish and massage. In addition to this, various other services like soaking and lotion applications are also there to soften the skin of hands.

Likewise, manicure; pedicure is performed to beautify the appearance, but not for the hands, it’s for the feet.

Derived from a Latin word, it means application of beauty treatments for foot. Same type of procedures is carried out in it, likewise in manicure service.

In addition to the listed procedure, pedicure also includes treatment with a pumice stone. This helps in removing the dead skin, which usually forms calluses on the feet.

Therefore, these services are not just performed to make hands and feet look good, but also done in order to improve the health of the skin on these areas.

Many saloons alongside providing best nail spa in boulder or in any other city around the globe also provide additional services like removal of unwanted hair by waxing service.

Saloons may include this service in the nail spa or charge additional cost for it.

Various waxes are used based on the skin texture of person and temperature. Experts especially make a note to apply wax at a lower temperature so as to lessen the amount of irritation on the skin. In addition to this, saloons buy good wax products that help lessen the amount of irritation.

In order to enhance the beauty of hands and feet, facials too are provided. Generally, this term is used for face, but due to the need of people to enhance their appearance, facial for hands and feet have also been introduced.

Hence, nail spa is not just associated with application of nail polish or false ones. A lot more services are offered by saloons as discussed above.

So, if you are interested in getting any of these services, then look for a good saloon in your city. Make sure to call and find out what services each beauty parlor is offering, so that you get optimal results after the beauty treatment.

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