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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Get rid of stress and chronic pains with the help of massage therapies

The changing lifestyles bring a drastic difference in the needs of the people. In earlier times, people had a totally different lifestyle and they were not surrounded by hectic work schedules. Chaotic lifestyles resulted in various health issues. However, massage therapy has emerged as an effective technique to free your senses your burdens and tensions.

Compression, kneading, vibration and pressure are all types of massages applied on soft tissues of the body.  Massaging helps in improving blood circulation and flow of oxygen. It also enhances tissue regeneration and drives nutrients into muscles. Massage therapies also help body in releasing endorphins, which are known as natural painkillers. That is why, people suffering from back pains and cramping go for massaging to get relief from pain. Sportspersons too, go for massages to recover from any muscle injury in a short period of time.

Apart from this, there are many more good reasons for getting massage; the most important ones are as follows:

  • Reduce chronic pains in the body

  • It also helps in easy digestion.

  • It reduces depression and promotes healthy body with a healthy mind

  • It also improves immunity by increasing count of white cells in the body

  • It also helps in fast recovery after an injury

  • It helps in alleviating age and sleep disorders, making your body fit and energetic

However, there are different types of massage therapies for dealing with different issues, some of the common types are as follows:

  1.Swedish massage

It is one of the common message therapies available at spas. This technique works the best for increasing blood circulation in the body. Five different strokes such as rolling and kneading are followed to implement Swedish massage therapy. The usage of different types of oils is also involved to reduce friction. Individuals who undergo this therapy feel relaxed due to ability of this therapy to increase blood circulation.

  2.Deep tissue massage

It is also an effective massage therapy. A masseuse should understand human anatomy and physiology as this massage therapy targets deep tissues and muscles to reduce body ache. One should be relaxed before going for this therapy because if you are stressed, the practitioner will first of all make use of a different therapy for relaxation of your tissues and muscles. In cities like boulder, this type of massage is very popular due to its huge benefits.

  3.Hot stone massage
It is one of the best techniques for making your body feel light and energetic. In this type of massage therapy, masseuse makes use of hot stones to relax your body muscles.

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