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Friday, January 10, 2014

An overview of body waxing along with some common myths busted!

Among the several methods available for hair removal, waxing remains to be the most preferred one! It is quite quick and works for couple of weeks. Unlike shaving, you won’t have to worry about hair growth for couple of weeks if you use this technique to get rid of hair.

Despite so many benefits, some people refrain from this method, because of the fear that it will make hair grow thicker, stronger and coarser.  So is this really true or is this simply a misconception? Keep reading to find out.

How it works

Beauty professionals either use cold or hot wax to wax out the unwanted hair from their root. This involves applying the wax and smearing it on the body part with the help of a spatula. These spatulas come with the kit itself. After applying the wax, a waxing strip which is typically made out of cloth is placed onto the body part and secured by firmly pressing and smoothing down the strip several times.

The last step is where the strip is pulled off in one fast and quick movement in the opposite direction of hair growth. If done rightly, it pulls out hair from its very root, and after that, you won’t have to go for waxing in Boulder several days.

The method is associated with certain degree of pain. The intensity of pain experienced will vary from person to person depending on several factors, such as skin sensitivity, hair thickness, and depending on the amount of time that you have been waxing.

The pain is likely to go away within a couple of minutes or an hour maximum. To ease down the discomfort and avoid the pain, experts apply soothing creams and gels such as Aloe Vera lotions. Not only does it help in alleviating the pain, but also avoid redness and irritation.

Is waxing going to make hair grow thicker than earlier?

Well this is nothing more than a myth, with no scientific explanation to support it. It pulls the hair out from the roots and does not cause thickness when they grow back. We are born with natural hair follicles and waxing is not going to make you gain new follicles that might cause thickness.

As a matter of fact, it will make them grow back finer and softer than before. This makes each waxing experience less painful with time.

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