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Monday, July 24, 2017

Choose the Method Of Waxing That Suits You The Best

Some women get nervous while having a waxing appointment.  There are several places that offer waxing services to their customers. However, one should be very careful and selective about from where to take services. 

At J Lounge Spa you will get one of the Best waxing services in Boulder that give you relaxation and quality treatments by using natural products.  

Worth of Waxing

In the market, there are so many temporary solutions are present that are used for hair removal that leads into spiky and weird stubble that develop almost immediately. But waxing helps the skin to look very silky, healthy and, smooth.

The different types of waxing are necessary to get the different results. There are different applications of different wax, the wax is hot or cold wax.

Hot Wax

Hot wax is commonly used by the various salons. Hot waxing is used by heating it at a particular temperature till it converts into a gel-like viscous fluid. 

After heating, the liquid is applied in the desired part and then with the help of strips which are pressed on the applied liquid/ wax and then pulled the stripes to extract the hair along with it. There are some pros and cons of hot waxing.

  • Pros- The method of hot waxing helps with the maximum removal of hairs, it also helps to remove tan from the body. After using this waxing the skin looks very fresh and clean.

  • Cons- Sometimes the heated wax may lead to occasional small burns, redness, and swellings. These cons absolutely depend on the skin type. This method might not be useful for very miniature hair.

Cold Wax

The semi-solid wax is present on the waxing strips. These types of strips are widely used and are available in the market. The strips can be used directly on the skin and pulled hard. This method is used when there is no appointment of the salon is available.  

  • Pros- Cold waxing is a far better than hot waxing in hair removal procedure. The strips are simpler to use and are also accessible in different sizes and shapes. It is a less painful method if compares with hot waxing.

  • Cons- As it is a painless procedure, but still cold waxing does not provide perfect results like hot waxing. If the cold wax is used more it may lead to the ingrown hair follicles and skin inflammation.

Soft Wax

It is one of the must-use wax method, which is used for larger areas like legs, arms, and on the back. The wax is evenly spread on the desired area before being removed with a cloth.

  • Pros- Soft wax does a wonderful work to remove the desired hairs and used to remove the tan. This method makes your skin soft with repeated usage.

  • Cons- Soft wax cannot be reused as it may cause skin cracks and redness.

It is necessary to choose the different type of waxing based on the skin type. Hopefully, this blog will provide you some of the points that help you in what to expect and what to look for.

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