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Friday, May 27, 2016

Different Ways To Flaunt Artful Finger Nails

Beautiful hands is the one of the most essential aspect of beauty for women. The nail art, artificial nails, manicures and perfectly polished hands for celebration season whether its for a cocktail party, or a business soiree. So if you are looking for perfect nails for the soiree, then visit the popular nail salons in Boulder.

There are different types of  artificial fingernails you can have in nail salons:

  • Gel Nails:
Gel nails like nail paint is applied to your nails and its tips. After every application of layer of gel, it is put under UV light to harden up the layer. You have to visit salon every three weeks for filling it back up. These are more long lasting than acrylic nails.

The chipping of gel nails is also lesser than the acrylic nails. You can remove these nails by soaking them in the nail paint remover.
  • Silk Nails:

Silk nails are basically the silk, linen, fiberglass or even paper fabric that is glued to your original fingernail to strengthen the nails. These nails tend to be non permanent affair as they come out after three weeks. You can have it redone in salon.

  • Acrylic nails:
Material for this is made from powder and liquid and then it is applied on your nails using brush. After that it sets and harden up in the exposure of air. After that the nail tips are shaped. If you want to have them removed, then they can be removed after soaking it in nail polish remover for about ten to fifteen minutes. You need to visit salon again after about two weeks to maintain it.

You should always have your nails done at professional salons as they require a lot of time and skill. And if you want to remove artificial nails, then follow proper methods or better yet, visit your salon as the topmost layer of nails can be peeled along the artificial nails and you will be left with weak and dull natural nails.

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