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Friday, September 18, 2015

Want a supple skin just like your favorite actor?

With thousands of moisturizers, creams and lotions, available in market these days, keeping skin healthy is not a difficult task. But making a choice amongst thousand available creams is not an easy job. In such case, going for best skincaresalon in Boulder is an optimal choice. The skincare specialists can help you select amongst the available products.

Following is list of few facials provided in salons that can make your dream come true for a supple skin just like your favorite actor-
Lounge luxe facial
This facial is suitable for all seasons. Cleansing, steaming, peeling, mask, massage, and hydrate are few steps carried during this facial process.
Cryo-stem cell renewal
People who want to see instant glow on their face must go for this facial. It includes features like stem-cell technology, exfoliation, micro-current lift, and antioxidant serum. This beauty treatment provides natural lifting, tightening, refining, and firming. It is an anti-aging treatment that includes microcurrent lift and LED light therapy.
4 layer lift
This facial makes skin soft and glowing. Products used in this facial include peel, enzyme mask, vitamin C hydration mask, and spritz.
Hydration facial
This beauty treatment is best for removing dry dead skin. Products that are used in this treatment include anti-oxidants, skin lightening, hydrating agents, oil reducers, moisturizers. It includes natural ingredient that removes dry dead skin leaving the skin moisturizing.
Facial acupuncture series
The imbalances of the body are removed by this treatment. It increases blood circulation in body, encourage cellular renewal and collagen production, lifting of the skin and muscles. This treatment is used instead of Botox because beauty provided by it stays for long and is a safe method.
Fresh face
This process includes cleansing, steaming, exfoliating, hand massage, mask, and hydrate.
Apart from women, many men also prefer going to salon. This package includes steaming, exfoliating, customizing mask, scalp, and hand massage.
Microderm aka, erase!
This process helps improve collagen and elastin skin, reduces hyper-pigmentation, and minimizes pores.
Pure peel
In this cleansing, pretreating, peeling, spritz, calming mask, hydrate, and SPF helps improve quality of skin.
From the above stated beauty treatments, you must have got an idea which all facials you can go for, if you choose to go to a salon. However, before scheduling an appointment make sure the spa center is best known for providing quality treatment.

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