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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Getting a manicure? Questions to ask your salon!

Manicure is a popular cosmetic treatment that women choose to get beautiful hands. It is a relaxing procedure that improves skin and nails’ health. It can get rid of all the dirt and dead skin cells while keeping the youthfulness of hands. You can get a professional manicure in any salon in Boulder or the city you live in.

However, there are some questions that you must ask your salon before getting this beauty treatment. Here are the questions that you must ask –

How do they sterilize equipment – It is an important question that you must ask your salon before getting manicure. Some beauty spas use liquid disinfection procedure while some others use UV sterilizer. Many centers also use an autoclave to disinfect equipment.

Sterilization is an important process to eliminate the threat of infection due to virus and bacteria. On the other hand, tools like wooden stick and buffers are not used again after one use. You should also make sure that only new or sterilized tools are used in manicure to ensure your health’s safety.

What kind of cosmetics and chemicals they use – It is the next question that you must ask your salon. Enquire about the cosmetics and chemicals they use for manicure. Make sure that they use only branded and known products. It ensures your skin and health’s safety. You can also ask them to use specific cosmetic products if you are allergic to some certain chemicals.

If they are licensed
– You must ask your these professionals to show their licenses. Licensing ensure that they are trained and skilled for this work. It also ensures the quality of their services. Make sure that these professionals are also following the federal and state regulations. Avoid those salons that are unable to show licenses. You can also crosscheck their licensing from state department’s official website.

Are they experienced enough
– You must enquire about beauty professionals’ experience and skills. Check their website (if available) for history and other customers’ feedback.

What type of cosmetic treatments they offer
– You should also enquire about the cosmetic treatments they are offering. There are several types of manicure such as basic, french, gel, stone, American and paraffin. Different people prefer different type. This is why you must ensure that salon is providing the cosmetic treatment you prefer.

You must ask above-mentioned questions from your salon to get the best quality and safest manicure. Pay special attention to their hygiene to avoid any type of infection.

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