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Monday, December 1, 2014

5 Effective Tips to Take Care of Your Nails

Nails are features that attract the attention of everyone. Then why not get this attention for good-looking nails instead of bad, dirty, or broken ones. For the good health of nails, it is important to take proper care of them. You can visit nail salons in Boulder or your city regularly to get best looking hands. You can also follow some easy tips to get beautiful hands such as:

Cleaning – For the better health of nails, it is important to clean them regularly. It is also important to keep them dry, so that they do not crack easily.

– Trimming is an important part of nail care. Trim them every occasionally, usually when they become too long for your liking. However, different individuals prefer different height. Still, do not let them get too long because they will tear or get caught on something. They can also cause damage to you by scratching or grazing. It will damage all your beauty efforts. It is also necessary to use proper equipment (like clippers) for trimming. You can also soak fingernails in water before cutting them. Soaking makes them soft and easy to cut, without tearing. You can cut them after a bath too.

– Manicure is the process that includes full and proper care of nails. It includes soaking, trimming, shaping, massage, polish, scrub, etc. Soaking and scrubbing thoroughly cleanse and detoxify skin while massage improves blood flow in hand. Professionals shaping and trimming makes fingernails look healthier. Manicure also removes dead cells from skin and makes it glow. This is why, a professional manicure is necessary for beautiful hands.

Diet – Follow healthy diet for strong and shiny fingernails. Consume food like meat, fishes, eggs, dairy products, fruits etc., can provide vitamins and proteins. These nutrients are good for overall health. Drinking lots of water every day is also considered good for the health of skin and nails.

Bad habits
– It is necessary to leave bad habits like biting or chewing fingernails for beautiful hands. It damages them badly. Not wearing gloves for household works like washing dishes or cleaning can cause damage to fingernails. Stop using them as a tool for peeling fruits or opening cans. All these habits are bad for the health of nails.

Moisturizing fingernails and cuticles is also helpful since they can get dry too. Follow above-mentioned tips and attract the attention of people with shining nails.

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